Thursday, December 11, 2014

Welcome to the RESOURCE GUIDES!

As part of our mission, the LGBT Elder Initiative produces the LGBTEI Senior-friendly Resource Guides in many categories. These categories include Housing, Legal Services, Healthcare, and many more. These Guides have been developed in order to help seniors and their friends and families identify resources that are competent, safe, welcoming, and LGBT culturally sensitive. 

The LGBT Senior-friendly Resource Guides will grow and change as we receive your feedback. Please send us your feedback at or call us at (215) 550-1460 with new resources or comments on resources that are listed in our Guides. More resources and categories will be added in the future with your input.

Click on the categories below to find the Resources you need:

What is “LGBT-friendly”? For this Guide, we define LGBT-friendly as a place, service or provider that you would feel comfortable recommending to a friend or loved one who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.  There is no requirement that a resource be LGBT or have specific non-discrimination policies, culturally sensitive forms, staff training, etc.  It should, in your opinion and/or experience, be LGBT-friendly.

Because our definition of LGBT-friendly is broad, we ask that you keep us informed about the resources listed in this Guide. Whether you have a positive or a negative experience with any of the resources listed in this Guide, please let us know. Be as detailed and specific as possible with your comments. 

We also ask that you inform us about other resources that you think are LGBT-friendly.  New resources that you recommend can be in one of the categories already listed on the site, or in another category altogether. The information that you provide will be shared with other people just like you.

You can recommend a new resource, or comment on a resource already listed in the Guide, by emailing the details to us at  You can also comment in the section provided on each page on the site.

This LGBTEI Senior Resource Guide will grow and change with your input, so please keep us informed. THANK YOU!

The LGBT Elder Initiative does not endorse, recommend or attest to the quality of any of the resources listed in this Guide. This Guide is an informational listing only.